Essential Oil Blends

Special Child Cap for Panaway

Do you noticed that the cap of Panaway essential oil in your PSK set collection is different compare to other essential oils?

Do you know why? Here is why does Panaway have a childproof cap :

Panaway has the essential oil Wintergreen in it. Wintergreen is 90% methyl salicylate. The key constituent in Wintergreen, Methyl Salicylate is what acts like a blood thinner. These anticoagulant properties are enhanced when used with blood thinning drugs or aspirin. One whole 15ml bottle is about the equivalent of 85 adult aspirins. Hence, large quantities can be dangerous, especially in children. If a child were to ingest a whole bottle of either of these oils, the results could be devastating.

It also is said to smell like root beer, so the cap may be to discourage them from drinking the whole thing. If you suspect your child has done this, please seek medical advice immediately as often hospitalization may be required to clean the blood.

Overall, it is a very wonderful and helpful oils to have. If you have small kids at home, you need to be extra careful when handling the oils at home. Best way is to keep all oils regardless of its kind, out of children reach.