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Price & PV Adjustment for Young Living Malaysia


Dear Members,

Young Living’s commitment to having the highest standards in the industry means being transparent with our members, especially when it comes to matters of products and pricing. Since 2017 when Young Living Malaysia adjusted its peg rate or exchange rate multiplier to bring it closer to current exchange rate trends, Young Living Malaysia members have not experienced a price increase, even with the implementation of the Sales and Services Tax in September 2018. While we remain mindful of the need to continue supporting our members, there will be a standard nominal adjustment on the price of all products and PV in order for us to address rising costs from sourcing, inflation, and cost of living increases without compromising our quality commitment. This adjustment is going to take place across Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia.

Beginning 15 February 2019, you will see the cost and PV of some of your favorite products rise slightly.

Members may log in to their Virtual Office on 15 February 2019 to download the new price list.