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Top 10 Frequently Asked Questions about Essential Oils & Young Living

This are the top 10 frequently asked question I always get from people around me. Its all about essential oil and Young Living. Having say that, the most high frequency is – if they do required to sell products, and if they need to keep stock at home when they decided to sell. 

Amazingly surprise that many people actually thought that when you joined as distributor (member) under Young Living, you need to sell. Wait a minute, there is not a guideline that stipulate you have to sell it. There are many people that joined and buying it for their own consumption. If you choose to sell, you can always refer to your enroller or sponsor for more information and assistance. They should be able to help you with the information you needed before kick starting your side income with Young Living. By sharing the benefits of Young Living essential oils, you will be earning commission by enrolling new distributors. The choice is very much depend on you.

Plus, you don’t have to keep stock and open a mini store at your house because every new distributor (member) will have their own account to manage. So, yes, no capital is required for taking up spaces for the so called “ready stock” at home.

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Top 10 frequently asked questions (not in ranking order) :


1. Do I have to sell? 
Absolutely NOT ! This question is one of the most frequently asked among us when debating on whether to grab a premium starter kit or not. Don’t worry, you don’t have to sell any. There is no requirement to have a business. But if you do decide to get more essential oils into your family and circle of friends, we will guide you in every steps.

2. Is there a yearly membership fee? Or any hidden costs?
NO ! there is no yearly membership fee for any of the customer/member options. However, as a Wholesale Member/Distributor, there is a one-time purchase of one of the starter kits to get started and attain the wholesale pricing. Also, you must purchase 50PV in product a year to remain an “active” Wholesale Member/Distributor. Any prices you see are the prices, that’s it. No hidden costs or charges anywhere, just the product price, shipping, and tax. There are never any additional charges or hidden charges ever.

3. Do I have to buy every month?
NO ! There is no monthly fixed commitment (except for Essential Reward Program). You don’t have to buy every month. You can buy as often (or not) as you wish.

4.Which essential oils are photosensitive? Can they burn my skin?
Some single essential oils and blends can cause photosensitivity and may cause burns if you are exposed to sunlight after applying the oil directly to your skin. Some of our most popular oils that fit this category are Lemon, Grapefruit, Bergamot, Peace & Calming, Citrus Fresh and Joy. There are also risks associated with other oils. Read the caution label on the back of every oil, so you can experience their fantastic benefits to the fullest!

5. Are essential oils still effective and safe if they’ve been left in the heat?
It’s best to store your essential oils in a cool, dry place. UV exposure will cause the greatest damage to the oil’s constituents, and combining heat exposure with light exposure will negatively affect your oils more quickly. If your delivery package is sitting in the heat for several hours but the oils are not directly exposed to UV rays, the oils will not.

6. How should essential oils be stored?
Tightly seal your essential oil bottles and store them upright in a dark, dry location. Make sure the oils are stored in a location where the temperature will remain consistent, be compromised. If the oil is hot, cool it before using.

7.How will I know which oils to use for what?
One of the benefits of getting a starter kit through us is that you also get to join our member support group that’s specifically for questions about essential oils! The reference guide that we are giving away as part of this promotion is also a HUGE resource. You can look up almost anything in it and see which essential oils and supplements can be helpful.

8. Does Young Living only sell essential oils?
NO ! Young Living actually has an entire line of personal care products, supplements, meal replacements, energy drinks, and more! Almost every product incorporates essential oils (for example, frankincense is absolutely wonderful in facial products), but there’s a wide variety of products available.

9. If I do want to sell, do I keep inventory?
NO ! If you tell friends about it and they love it – then they will sign up and create their own account. Everyone does their own ordering and the products are shipped right to their house. It really isn’t complicated and you aren’t taking any risk.

10. How many drops are in a 5-ml and 15-ml bottle of essential oil?
There are approximately 85 drops (1 teaspoon) in a 5-ml bottle and approximately 250 drops (1 tablespoon) in a 15-ml bottle.


If you have any question which are not included, do comment below or email use at soworthoiling@gmail.com. We will try our best to get back to you soonest possible.

I am a distributor for Young Living Essential Oils. I will have access to certain personal information that you voluntarily submit when you place your order using my link (if you use my member number (#15484273) as the sponsor and enroller ID) and I will receive compensation in accordance with the Young Living Compensation Plan. If you wish to know more information, please click here.


MLM vs Young Living

Many people think that Young Living is just MLM, where you need to stock up a lot of stocks and invest huge capital while turning it into a business, or taking up loans to purchase big cars, good watches, suits and all materialistic stuffs just to show off among your friends on how well that MLM was.

If until today, you still think that Young Living is just like other MLM companies, then allow me to correct your perspective.

Young Living is not about selling essential oils, asking you to stock up the oils and turn your house into another mini warehouse to attract sales and store ready stocks. Commission will be given if you are hardworking and planning to get another side income for yourself, by sharing it to more people and getting people to know about it. You sell it, you earned it (the more hardworking you are, the more you earned). As simple as that.

Why I choose to annoy you with all the posts is because I choose to share the goodness about essential oils, and how things works naturally. We’ve never turn into forcing anyone to buy and keep buying. And that’s not we believe in either. I always believe that sharing more knowledge about essential oils can be value added and beneficial to reader and those who are doing their research in getting started with essential oils.

Buying oils is not the same as buying materialistic stuffs like cars, watches, etc as you don’t need it. Buying oils is like buying ingredients to cook a good tomyum kung. YOU BUY WHAT YOU NEED. If you don’t need it, you don’t have to buy that oil.

Back to the topic, if you’re not a business person, and don’t want to do business with YL, its okay. Because there is really no guidelines or rules that YL set to do so. But if you wanted to, there are a lot of successful leaders whom are willing to assist and guide and even groom you.

If you want to turn this into a side income, this is your chance. No stock up required. No capital required. Then how to do business? Well, every customer/ new member will signed up as new distributor with YL (with their own personal account). They will maintain their own account including ordering oils and other good stuffs via YL online website or through phone call. You don’t really have to maintain it for them. Stocks will be sent out from YL warehouse to their doorstep. Everything is online based.

 absolutely NO !!

If you choose to do so, like I said. You can and there will be a lot of people that willing to guide and assist you, like me, my team leaders etc.

If you’re interested in trying or getting to know more about essential oils, do contact me. It’s okay to message me anytime, as big girl don’t bite.

Remember, Young Living is not about MLM.

Happy Oiling dearies 🙂