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Emotional Release Therapy with Essential Oils

Do you actually move on when you said, “I forgive you” – “It’s okay” – “whatever” – “I’ve move on” ?? Sometimes, we are just act cool about it. And, we thought that we are over it. But in actual fact, WE DIDN’T !! We just suppress it and buried it deep down in our heart.
When all this negative feeling such as anger, anxiety, fear, resentment, and frustration locked in your heart, your body tends to be heavier and toxic. These negative emotional states can create extra stress in your body and your mind, which is uncomfortable but also can lead to health issues if you do not manage it well. As such, managing negative emotions is more about embracing the fact that we are feeling them, determining why we are feeling this way, and allowing ourselves to receive the messages that they are sending us before we release them and move forward.
Emotional Release Therapy is a technique to help BALANCE energies in the body and the subconscious mind, it helps to promote emotional release of negative stored memories, and aids programming the mind with positive beliefs. It is a technique which can be performed on oneself & is easy to repeat for family & friends. We all have times in life when emotions can overcome us.

“Research at New York University proved the amygdale gland (the gland in the limbic system of the brain that stores and releases trauma in the body) does not respond to sound, sight, or touch, but ONLY releases emotional trauma through the sense of SMELL.”   – From Releasing Emotional Patterns with Essential Oils by Carolyn Mein

In this therapy, we will be using the Feeling Kit Collection by Young Living. There are six fantastic essential oils in the Feelings Kit (Valor, Harmony, Forgiveness, Inner Child, Release, and Present Time). Each essential oil works in a different way to help release whatever is holding you back from reaching your true potential!

VALOR | an empowering blend for courage and balance
HARMONY | to support balance all your energy centers
FORGIVENESS | to help release hurtful memories
RELEASE | facilitates the release of anger and hurt
PRESENT TIME | so you can more easily be in the now
INNER CHILD | encourages reconnecting with your authentic self and may stimulate the memory response

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For each blend we apply, we will say an affirmation. It’s all about intention. When we say an affirmation as we apply our oil, we are putting an intention into the action to release or gain something. As we repeat the affirmation over several applications, we will create a scent memory and start to associate that oil with the intention we set. Over time we can actually create a new belief system in our mind that moves us toward a positive emotional state. This new belief system can eventually override old, destructive belief systems and patterns that are holding us back in life.

If you are ready, find yourself a cozy, quiet place and balance your emotions. Prepare a glass of water, and all your essential oils in the order as follow :

2. Harmony
3. Forgive
4. Release
5. Present Time
6. Inner Child

Feeling Kit Collection v2.JPG

Are you ready ?

Click below for the steps and each protocol suggested affirmations. 

Note : You must have all the mentioned essential oils as each oils represent each step in the process to complete the therapy.

After you finish the final step in the protocol, allow yourself some time to relax and unwind. Be gentle with yourself as you shift into a new normal emotionally.

Where to get the mentioned oils? You may click here for purchase and for more information.