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Next Journey with Premium Starter Kit

I wasn’t aware that I have sinusitis until it became so serious and only realized that when I decided to went for a check at the emergency. As a result, I was diagnosed with acute sinusitis and pneumonia, and it was so bad that I had to go for minor operation to remove the mucus, and also clearing up the nasals. I was lucky that it was not badly infected.

That’s when I decided to purchase the Young Living Premium Starter Kit, it comes with a diffuser, premium collection of essential oils (10 oils, each at 5ml : Copaiba, Digize, Frankincense, Lavender, Lemon, Panaway, Peppermint, Purification, RC, Tea Tree and Thieves), and Stress Away/ Spearmint * among other like what it is included in the Basic Plus Starter Kit earlier. (* Either one, depending on the stock-in phase)

I begin to use RC, Thieves, Lemon, Purification, and Peppermint as it is known to help with respiratory issues including nose and throat. And it totally assist me in my needs. The Peppermint is useful to clear my nasal and relieves whenever I have headache. Just ONE drop, and it worked like wonder !! Peppermint has been my favorite ever since I discovered it. It is in great help whenever my muscle sore, or when I have stiff shoulder due to stress. It also relieves my motion sickness especially when I’m on my roadtrip.

RC – my great supporter of which I would restock it almost every month (quite a heavy user I would say). Whenever I feel my nasal congested, I would grabbed this and diffuse it along with Thieves and Lemon; and apply it on my sinus area, spine, bottom of my feet and my chest. The next day, I could easily blow out the mucus and phlegm (if any). I always have a huge problem clearing out both mucus and phlegm since young (PS : Not only kids have that issue, adult like me too find it hard :))

Thieves – cheers for the immune !! I find this really a Thieve ! Thieve in good way where it stole all the bacteria and germs away. Boost up the immune system. This is my number ONE favorite oils whenever I’m in the beginning of getting sick or during raining season. I always feel better the next day. Amazing !

Here are what other oils included in the premium starter kit:

As I’m using the oils, my best friend suggested to me in turning sharing into business. and from there, I’m start doing it as business where I earn points and commission as side income since I’m mostly at home aside from helping out Mr B’s family business. The more I share, and when it helped someone. I feel great !! If they like it, they will be back for more.

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I do get a lot question on whether one have to sell Young Living products when they joined as member. – ABSOLUTELY NOT !! There is no requirement to sell products, but if you decided to do it, we do provide assistance and support to you. However, there isn’t really a must to do. And what most, you buy for your own consumption whenever your oils run out. There is also no minimum purchase requirement on monthly basis (except if you joined Essential Rewards Program – minimum of 100pv per month). To maintain your membership, you’ll need to ensure minimum of 50pv per year.

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Happy oiling !! Every drop is worth oiling.

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My 1st experience with Young Living

When I first started using Young Living essential oil, I only purchased the Basic Plus Starter Kit which comes with a diffuser, 5ml essential oils (Lavender, Lemon and Stress Away), 2 sachet of NingXia Red Antioxidant Juice, 10 amber glass sample bottles (1ml), 10 packs of essential oil samples, and among other such as product guide etc.

Lavender & Lemon both are the most common and basic essential oils which every beginner should begin with. I find that the Lavender essential oil helps me to relax and keep me calm. I’m able to get a good night sleep whenever I’m using the oil. And I will woke up fresh and more calm the next day. It really live up to what it claimed to be !!

As for Lemon essential oil, I used it to soak my tired feet in warm water & salt. I feel much better after soaked for about 20-30 minutes. I also use it to clean my house and freshen the air in the morning to kick start the day. I would say the scent is so uplifting !! I even use it on my husband who at that time having muscles sore.

Needless to mentioned, Stress Away – as the name of the blends claimed ! I  feel that I got carried away from my daily stress. Dis-stress !!

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As I’m using it, I’m starting to share more oils with my friends and family. Soon, I start to do it as business, make a side income, and earn some points while I’m sharing it. If they like it, they will back for more. It’s really a win-win situation.