Starter Kit

You are entitle as member with purchase of any starter kit below :

(All price as at June 2018 and it is excluding shipping cost)

With every purchase of the Young Living Starter Kit, you can join as Young Living member. As a member,

  • You’ll enjoy the following benefits and more if you join as part of our team.
  • Enjoy 24% off retail pricing on your favorite products.
  • Participate in the compensation plan and earn commissions just by sharing Young Living.
  • Qualify for exclusive Young Living member events around the world.
  • Enjoy the benefits and convenience of Essential Rewards.

Enjoy Free Shipping when you purchase Premium Starter Kit with my link here. For more information and inquiries about Premium Starter Kit, please contact me via email or whatsapp here.

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Why buy Premium Starter Kit? 

1️⃣ Pure Therapeutic grade – which is the highest grade of essential oil in the market.

2️⃣ Seed to Seal commitment – strict protocol and procedures as well as high quality control from the farms to processing it to bottling it up.

3️⃣ Reliable – Young Living is one of the pioneer in the industry, hence it is a legit company with tangible products where everyone can make their own purchase directly or visit their farms around the world.

4️⃣ Comprehensive – the premium starter kit comes with a diffuser, 12 essential oils as well as NingXia Red juice (an antioxidant juice by Young Living) for you to try on. Everything you’ll need to kick start your journey is included in the kit.

5️⃣ Long lasting – for each 5ml essential oils, it is approximate about 85 drops = which is equivalent to almost 3 months (if you uses it 2 drops a day)

6️⃣ Auto Membership – you’re automatically become a member of Young Living as you purchase the premium starter kit, and as a member – you are entitle for 24% off the retail price. To maintain as a member, you’ll need to make purchase of 50pv annually.

7️⃣ Zero commitment – there is no monthly commitment purchases unless you joined the Essential Reward program (minimum 100pv purchase per month) which you’re entitle to accumulate reward points for redemption, shipping discount, and free gifts among others.

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