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Quit Smoking with Essential Oils

Recently, the Ministry of Health announced that all restaurant including stalls at the roadside as smoke-free area with effective from 1 January 2019 under the Food Act 1983. Failure to comply will result in maximum fine of MYR 10,000 or imprisonment not exceeding 2 years (for individual); and fine MYR 2,500 (for premises owner).

Sounds a good news for non-smokers, but definitely not for smokers. Smokers probably find this implementation hard to comply especially when they wanted a nicotine cravings fixed. What if I told you that there is an oils for your craving fixed? Would you like to try on, and eventually you can lower your nicotine intake and gradually quit smoking?

Here are some essential oils which can helps you in cutting down your nicotine cravings :

In your PSK set, you can use :
Lavender : it can help promotes acceptance, and reducing irritable and frustration.
Peppermint : for uplifting mood, and focus on your task.

Add ons :
Black Pepper : help to suppress craving (Retail Price 15ml – MYR 111)
Harmony : reduces your stress, and create positive mindset (Retail Price 15ml – MYR 414)
Peace & Calming : helps to calm tension, and uplifting mood (Retail Price 5ml – MYR 207)
Valor : help to balance our emotion and boost your courage (Retail Price 5ml – MYR 236.50)
White Angelica : encourage feeling of security & protection (Retail Price 5ml – MYR 167)
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Meanwhile, PSK is currently retail at MYR 713 and MYR 1170 depending on your preferred choice of diffuser. To know more, please contact us, and we’ll be happy to help you.

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What can you do with PSK set?

Just gotten your PSK set. Excited to try on? But, wondering what recipe you can blends or diffuse it at home? Here are some of basic recipe you can try at home. Before that, you’ll need to know what are each oils benefits & features? Here are some guide for you.

First of all, you need to learn what are the features and usage/ benefits of each oils. In total, you got 13 essential oils + a diffuser : Lavender, Frankicense, Panaway, Purification, Thieves, Lemon, Peppermint, Tea Tree, Digize, and Copaiba (including the FREE Stress Away blend, extra Lavender & Lemon). These line up are perfect for beginner who are new on their journey to health and wellness with essential oils.

Once you are familiarise with the oils, you can always explore more oils in the future. Or if you like certain oils, and beneficial to yourself and family, you can go for the full size (15ml) capacity. Here are summaries of the benefits for you, however the lists are non exhaustive. Which one are the one you eager to try on now?


Now that you learned the benefits, which recipe you’re ready to try on? Are you ready to diffuse it?? Here are simple recipes which you can try with PSK set. Let’s get yourself a fresh and clean air environment : Diffuse 3 drops of Thieves + 3 drops of Peppermint. Sit back and relax ~


Once you are ready to blend it, you can try these simple recipes. Although some oils can be applied directly to skin, please use it wisely and handle oils carefully as essential oils are very concentrated in nature. Refer to the label for dilution guide.


Sounds wonderful? If you have not purchase any PSK and you are interested, kindly click here to purchase. You’ll automatically be a member of YL when you purchase this premium starter kit. Please refer here for members’ benefits.