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Scents at Home with Essential Oils

Received your Premium Starter Kit? But, not sure where to start? What to diffuse? Here are some guidelines on recipe you can easily make at home with your Premium Starter Kit.
If you have not purchase, and if you are interested to kick start your journey to health and wellness with essential oils, feel free to contact me either by email or whatsapp me. My contact details can be found here.
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Where to purchase? 

If you choose to sign up with my link, send me a quick email after doing so and I’ll give you back RM 20 into your account as shipping waiver. Simply follow this steps :

1. Click here and get started 

  • Select your Country : Malaysia
  • Select your Language : English/ Bahasa Melayu/ Chinese
  • Insert my ID in the Sponsor ID, and Enroller ID [Shipping Fee of RM 20 will be waived. Upon successful registration, do contact me for the waiver – Make sure you use my ID : 15484273]
  • Click “Continue”
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2. Click “Continue” if you agree to having me as your sponsor and enroller. 

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3. Select your preferred Starter Kit or Premium Starter Kit and continue to fill up the Member’s Details

  • If you wish to customise your monthly autoshipment box, please select from the Essential Reward kit or customise it (select your favorite product or next wishlist).
  • Of if you have other product to add-on such as carrier oils, or other essential oils which is not part of the starter kit, please do so.
  • If not, please proceed to the next section “Member’s Details”
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4. Member’s Details

  • Fill in your personal details accordingly.
  • Complete the section and tick the box for Agree to the Terms & Condition, click “Agree & Continue”
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4. Shipping & Payment – Checkout

  • Select your shipping method, complete your payment details. 
  • And, Checkout. CONGRATULATIONS on your enrollment !!
  • You’ll receive the email confirmation and your order within the next 3-5 working days.

You can now log in to the Virtual Office with your username and password. Please remember your 4-pin code for verification when you dealing with Young Living in the future.

What to do when you received your Premium Starter Kit? 

Yay !! If you’re looking for guidance, feel free to contact me for FREE Guidance, and support group access. You can also request PSK Challenge & upon completion, you can redeem your gift from me.

Congratulation on your enrollment once again & happy oiling 🙂


Frequently Asked Question 

Do I have to sell? Absolutely NOT ! This question is one of the most frequently asked among us when debating on whether to grab a premium starter kit or not. Don’t worry, you don’t have to sell any. There is no requirement to have a business. But if you do decide to get more essential oils into your family and circle of friends, we will guide you in every steps. Do drop us an email/ or contact us at for assistance.



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Next Journey with Premium Starter Kit

I wasn’t aware that I have sinusitis until it became so serious and only realized that when I decided to went for a check at the emergency. As a result, I was diagnosed with acute sinusitis and pneumonia, and it was so bad that I had to go for minor operation to remove the mucus, and also clearing up the nasals. I was lucky that it was not badly infected.

That’s when I decided to purchase the Young Living Premium Starter Kit, it comes with a diffuser, premium collection of essential oils (10 oils, each at 5ml : Copaiba, Digize, Frankincense, Lavender, Lemon, Panaway, Peppermint, Purification, RC, Tea Tree and Thieves), and Stress Away/ Spearmint * among other like what it is included in the Basic Plus Starter Kit earlier. (* Either one, depending on the stock-in phase)

I begin to use RC, Thieves, Lemon, Purification, and Peppermint as it is known to help with respiratory issues including nose and throat. And it totally assist me in my needs. The Peppermint is useful to clear my nasal and relieves whenever I have headache. Just ONE drop, and it worked like wonder !! Peppermint has been my favorite ever since I discovered it. It is in great help whenever my muscle sore, or when I have stiff shoulder due to stress. It also relieves my motion sickness especially when I’m on my roadtrip.

RC – my great supporter of which I would restock it almost every month (quite a heavy user I would say). Whenever I feel my nasal congested, I would grabbed this and diffuse it along with Thieves and Lemon; and apply it on my sinus area, spine, bottom of my feet and my chest. The next day, I could easily blow out the mucus and phlegm (if any). I always have a huge problem clearing out both mucus and phlegm since young (PS : Not only kids have that issue, adult like me too find it hard :))

Thieves – cheers for the immune !! I find this really a Thieve ! Thieve in good way where it stole all the bacteria and germs away. Boost up the immune system. This is my number ONE favorite oils whenever I’m in the beginning of getting sick or during raining season. I always feel better the next day. Amazing !

Here are what other oils included in the premium starter kit:

As I’m using the oils, my best friend suggested to me in turning sharing into business. and from there, I’m start doing it as business where I earn points and commission as side income since I’m mostly at home aside from helping out Mr B’s family business. The more I share, and when it helped someone. I feel great !! If they like it, they will be back for more.

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I do get a lot question on whether one have to sell Young Living products when they joined as member. – ABSOLUTELY NOT !! There is no requirement to sell products, but if you decided to do it, we do provide assistance and support to you. However, there isn’t really a must to do. And what most, you buy for your own consumption whenever your oils run out. There is also no minimum purchase requirement on monthly basis (except if you joined Essential Rewards Program – minimum of 100pv per month). To maintain your membership, you’ll need to ensure minimum of 50pv per year.

To purchase the premium starter kit, please click here. If you like my post, don’t forget to follow my blog and like this post.

Happy oiling !! Every drop is worth oiling.

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Customer Feedback on 1st experience of Essential Oil

Sometimes, people are skeptical to try new stuffs, and I totally can understand why because I myself are skeptical in the beginning. Everything need a push start button, isn’t? There is uncountable times of question from the people whether it is worth trying it? or is it worth every single money spent on the essential oil? – Well, only when you start using it, you will know the answer and you’ll truly believe in it.

What do my customers feel during their first experience trying out essential oil with the Young Living starter kit? – They are new to essential oils world, and using it for the first time, they felt that it indeed helped them in getting better rest and a good sleep. Besides that, it helps them to feel better the next morning.

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If you’re new to the essential oil, and you probably didn’t know where to get started,  ie what oils to begin it, what type of diffuse is needed etc. My answer is Young Living Premium Starter Kit (PSK). PSK set comes with 11 different essential oils, a diffuser, samples etc.

Previously, there is only 1 type of diffuser in the PSK set in Malaysia, which is the legendary Dew Drop Diffuser. Recently, Young Living Malaysia launched 2 more choices of diffuser for the PSK – Desert Mist Diffuser and Aria Diffuser. Now, you can choose your favorite diffuser + PSK set.

The Dew Drop diffuser & Desert Mist diffuser PSK set is currently retail at MYR 713; whereas the Aria diffuse PSK set is set at MYR 1170. With the purchase of this PSK set, you’ll automatically enroll as member. As a member of YL, you can now enjoy 24% off the retail price for all future purchases.


To know more about the essential oil or PSK, do contact me for assistance.

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New diffuser in PSK set

Yes, they’ve heard you. There will be 2 new Premium Starter Kit set with Desert Mist Diffuser & Aria Diffuser next week, 8th October 2018. The current starter kit with Dew Drop remained on the shelf. The Dew Drop & Desert Mist diffuser set will be retailed at MYR 713; whereas the Aria diffuser set will be retailed at MYR 1170 (price as at October 2018). 

Also note that, with the purchase of starter kit, you’ll automatically be a member of YL. As a member, you’ll enjoy 24% off the retail price, support group and other exclusive benefits.

Desert Mist Diffuser – With its Moroccan-inspired design and soft glow, Desert Mist Ultrasonic Diffuser creates a more natural environment in any space. Its run time is remarkably long – up to 10 hours – and it features a full spectrum of lighting options, including a candle-like flicker mode.

Coverage: Medium Room
Run time: 10 hours maximum
Dimension: 14.5 x 21.6 cm
Weight: 0.36 kg
Reservoir: 180 ml

Aria Diffuser – Combining useful features and beautiful, unique natural styling, Aria offers timer settings, automatic shutoff, and multicolored LED lights. Its soothing built-in music or auxiliary audio port makes it a great companion for your yoga practice or relaxing bath.

Coverage: Medium Room
Run time: 3 hours maximum
Dimension: 21.5 x 15.5 cm
Weight: 2.3 kg
Reservoir: 260 ml

Your Premium Starter Kit includes:
1 Premium Essential Oils Collection (10 individual 5ml of essential oils singles and blends)
1 Stress Away 5ml / Spearmint 5ml*
1 AromaGlide Roller Fitment
10 Sample Packets
10 Love It? Share It! Business Cards
10 Love It? Share It! Oil Bottles
2 NingXia Red Singles – 60 ml
1 Product Guide
1 Product Price List
1 Member Resource Materials

Either Stress Away or Spearmint depending on stock phase-in


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