MLM vs Young Living

Many people think that Young Living is just MLM, where you need to stock up a lot of stocks and invest huge capital while turning it into a business, or taking up loans to purchase big cars, good watches, suits and all materialistic stuffs just to show off among your friends on how well that MLM was.

If until today, you still think that Young Living is just like other MLM companies, then allow me to correct your perspective.

Young Living is not about selling essential oils, asking you to stock up the oils and turn your house into another mini warehouse to attract sales and store ready stocks. Commission will be given if you are hardworking and planning to get another side income for yourself, by sharing it to more people and getting people to know about it. You sell it, you earned it (the more hardworking you are, the more you earned). As simple as that.

Why I choose to annoy you with all the posts is because I choose to share the goodness about essential oils, and how things works naturally. We’ve never turn into forcing anyone to buy and keep buying. And that’s not we believe in either. I always believe that sharing more knowledge about essential oils can be value added and beneficial to reader and those who are doing their research in getting started with essential oils.

Buying oils is not the same as buying materialistic stuffs like cars, watches, etc as you don’t need it. Buying oils is like buying ingredients to cook a good tomyum kung. YOU BUY WHAT YOU NEED. If you don’t need it, you don’t have to buy that oil.

Back to the topic, if you’re not a business person, and don’t want to do business with YL, its okay. Because there is really no guidelines or rules that YL set to do so. But if you wanted to, there are a lot of successful leaders whom are willing to assist and guide and even groom you.

If you want to turn this into a side income, this is your chance. No stock up required. No capital required. Then how to do business? Well, every customer/ new member will signed up as new distributor with YL (with their own personal account). They will maintain their own account including ordering oils and other good stuffs via YL online website or through phone call. You don’t really have to maintain it for them. Stocks will be sent out from YL warehouse to their doorstep. Everything is online based.

 absolutely NO !!

If you choose to do so, like I said. You can and there will be a lot of people that willing to guide and assist you, like me, my team leaders etc.

If you’re interested in trying or getting to know more about essential oils, do contact me. It’s okay to message me anytime, as big girl don’t bite.

Remember, Young Living is not about MLM.

Happy Oiling dearies 🙂

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