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Affordable Essential Oils

I do get a lot of reviews/ comments about how expensive essential oils can be, but that is not always a case – Let me ask a simple question : If you compare the price you going to spent on essential oils which then brings you to healthier lifestyle and supports your overall wellness, with the amount of money you’ve spent on unnecessary stuffs. Does it still sound expensive? or does it sounds worth every single cents you’ve just spent?

Do you know that there are lots of essential oils which are less than MYR 100, and if you are a member of YL, you’ll enjoy even more products (as you can enjoy member benefit of 24% off the retail price) which are lesser than MYR 100. It is affordable for you and much worth to join the membership. It is so affordable that you should start exploring them now.

Among all these oils, my top 3 essential oils are : Lemongrass, Citrus Fresh, and Rosemary. Would you like to try my favorite oils? Happy oiling my dearies.

Note : Retail price shown is as at October 2018. 

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